For me, GIS isn't just a tool for making maps

it's a way to connect with the environment, to understand its complexities, and to inspire action for a more sustainable and just future

As of right now, I am a student of Environmental Studies and GIS at Western Washington University.

There, my learning involves a holistic approach to understanding our environments and our relationship with nature

I learn about the natural sciences and how our ecosystems operate; about our society and the politics of managing our geographies; and about making effective maps that can answer a question or even tell a story.

My goal is to build an expertise of GIS, geospatial data science, and geographic research through experience and study -- to learn the ways in which GIS can lead us into a future where we can be better stewards of our environments.

 Me, outside of GIS...

When I am not making maps or studying at school, I am often exploring some other interest of mine, including:


I have had the wonderful experience of working in some of the best restaurants in Washington state, and I've carried what I've learned there into my everyday life as I make food at home.


I often come up with or find coding challenges that interest me and will spend sometimes an entire day figuring it out. I mostly code in Python or Javascript.

Hiking and Exploring.

As a geographer, I love to explore new landscapes. When the sun is out, I usually am too. My favorite spots include Lena Lake in the Olympic mountains and any random spot near Dosewalips off the Hood Canal.

Playing Video Games.

Yes, I'll admit it! Of course a nerd like me would be into video games. Recently, however, I haven't played much. Instead, I've really been enjoying watching my girlfriend play through some of my old favorites.

Learning Something New.

I often discover an interesting topic, or think of a question I have to know the answer to, only to spend hours diving into a new realm of knowledge. I am certainly the kind of person who loves to have at least a surface-level knowledge for as many things as possible. The accessibility of information and knowledge via Google and YouTube make it too easy!

Playing Guitar or Chess.

I've been playing both since I was a kid. I don't play either as often as I'd like these days, but every so often I sit down and play some tunes or a few games.

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